Sep 21

When I am preparing for a date night, it can be a little stressful to figure out what to wear. Especially with a first date, I like to plan every detail of my outfit, right down to the accessories. Sure, this might sound a little obsessive, but you have to remember that I spend a lot of my time thinking about fashion, so I suppose that it is pretty normal for me to spend a lot of time planning outfits. I mean, it’s what I do best! With a first date looming this weekend, I find myself trying to pick a perfect outfit that will show of my fashion skills and my personal style. So naturally, when I can across this Prada clutch, featured above, I guess you could say that I had wanted to plan my attire around it!

When I first saw the photograph above, I was instantly taken aback. What is this new color combination I am seeing? I was in awe, especially since I had never seen an Hermes handbag quite like this, which had a two-tone leather which almost looks like the colors melt into each other. Naturally excited, I got on my lap top and did some research about this peculiar handbag. Well, at the end of all of this commotion, I am feeling quite silly. No, that isn’t a two-toned Hermes Birkin. In fact, I am glad that I questioned the color rather than instantly rave about it. It turns out that this is just a regular Herms Birkin bag… with a shadow. Check it out below. It is funny to think about it now – I was faked out by a shadow!

Well, last week I dedicated all of my posting on this blog to Rihanna, and this week I would like to do something similar. After reading the Forbes list for the most influential celebrities in 2012, you can imagine my surprise to see a name that has been seriously lacking on this blog. Yes, Jennifer Lopez was ranked as number one for this year, before Oprah, Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga. I suppose I should take the time to give this multi-talented celebrity props by featuring her this week with all of the amazing designer handbags that she owns. First up, it wouldn’t be a designer week without showing off the prestigious Hermes handbags!