Aug 22

Prada is among the few houses that remain to only offer limited ecommerce of its own, but Net-A-Porter’s prowess among online retailers has provided brands wary of the channel to test the waters, often seeing great success. As for Net-A-Porter, the retailer works with brand partners on two levels, either powering monobrand ecommerce behind-the-scenes or hosting capsule collections for its shopping community of nearly 2.5 million consumers to peruse on its site.

Currently, Prada’s only ecommerce options on its Web site are edits of leathers goods, footwear, small accessories such as wallets, sunglasses and jewelry and its fragrances. The Italian brand does not sell its ready-to-wear collections on the site

A click-through lands on a sign-up page that gathers consumers’ contact details to keep them informed on the collection’s launch on Net-A-Porter’s site.